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Save $50  (Until Sept 30th)

TIVO - the next B I G thing!!  Pronounced "tee-voh"
Absolutely the neatest item around.   These will be bigger than the CB craze, hotter than cell phones.  I've had one for 6 months and it is absolutely the best thing to happen to television in a long time... !!
Philips TiVo HDR312 Personal TV Receiver
Price: $399.00

I can't begin to describe all of the neat things that this does.  Trust me that it will make televison better for you.  You watch what you want, WHEN you want.  It's that simple.

$100 Off Good news: 14-hour TiVos are now only $299, and 30-hr TiVos are only $399.  (Used to be $795!!)

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You can now get $100 off if you purchase a new TiVo and subscribe prior to December 31.**

If the date has passed when you read this, go to their web site and see if they have another special.  There seems to always be one in effect!!

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Here's how it works: Once you have purchased a Philips or Sony Personal TV Recorder from a retailer, simply log on to the TiVo Web site to activate your TiVo Personal TV Service: 

TiVo is easy to find.  It's available in retail stores nationwide, including Circuit City, Best Buy,, and other fine consumer electronics retailers.  To find the most convenient
retailer, please visit:
(If you are looking for a 14-hour unit, they're readily
available at most Circuit City locations.)

Best regards,

Bill at Barkerville

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