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June 24, 2000

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7/1/00  Hooray!  The luggage has been found.  In fact the airline had it delivered directly to Steve and Gina's room.... at midnight!!  Naturally, being efficient... and French.... the night desk person called them immediately (at midnight!!) and told them that it was in the lobby.   So now, everything is okey dokey.  <She didn't say, and I didn't ask, but now Gina can wear her "special" honeymoon nightgown for the first time!    Ahhhh, aint' love grand!!?!>
We talked with Steve and Gina on the phone today and they are having a really good time.  They've taken a lot of movies.   Some of it sounds really interesting.  Like having 10,000 roller-bladders go by your hotel room window at 10 pm at night!!  Gina is sneezing a lot due to the pollution or pollen in the air.  They eat at the outdoor cafes and she uses a full box of tissues before the meal arrives.  They can't eat inside the restaurants because the cigarette smoke is too overwhelming.  The best meal that they've had so far was when they ordered Italian!!
Also, they wish that there were three people traveling together <yeah, right!> so that one could take pictures of the other two.  So most of their pictures only have one of them in it.... except, since Steve has such long arms, they've begun taking pictures by Gina sighting the scene in the camera, Steve holding the camera as far away as he can, and then Gina runs around into the camera scene with Steve... did you understand that?  Weird, it made sense to me when she described it on the phone.  :-)
Anyway, now they are trying to decide whether to spend a few extra days there and visit a different city... <yeh, like THAT'S a tough decision!>  Also, they said that the cab drive that they took was the scariest time that they've ever been in a car... stay tuned for more on this when they get back.  For now that's all we know... au revoir!

More pictures coming....

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