Barker's Family Tree
(and its Roots)
Barker, Cole, Erwin, Ferrell, Reilly, Danielson, Corisdeo, Mylan, Anthony, Grissom, Bakkan, Malliot, Mullarkey, Brown, Hatton, Williamson, Betz, Anthony, Lincoln, etc


What's on the top of YOUR wedding cake?

The Barker Family Tree.
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Family Tree Homepage

These sites contain pictures of family outings, trips and other events in our lives.... see a trip to Elvis Presley's grave, some pretty good looking Halloween gouls, Our 25th Wedding Anniversary thank you and Photos of the Lincoln Twins.

All together we represent the following locations: Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Sweden and some other woodsheds that shall remain un-named. Ha!