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Last Updated:  07/17/06

VCCA Membership - by Bill Barker #09802

One question that I get asked frequently,  is how do I find parts or information about my vintage Chevrolet?  For me this was a very unnerving experience when I first purchased my 1931 Five Passenger Coupe in 1972.   For a year I fumbled around not knowing how, or where, to get help.   Then one day someone introduced me to the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) and my life hasn't been the same since.

Not only did I find an easy way to locate parts, but I also found a huge network of auto enthusiasts just like myself.  Through the monthly magazine that the club publishes I've made friends around the world.  I've read articles and experienced exploits that are eerily similar to my own.  Just seeing another car of the same year and model in restored condition has motivated me on many occasions to go out into the garage and work the evening away trying to get mine back on the road.

Once you become a member, you get FREE worldwide advertising in the club's monthly magazine called:  Generator and Distributor.  That alone makes this one of the greatest bargains in any hobby organization.  Additionally, however, the club has a set of people who volunteer their time as "Technical Advisors".   You can write to them about your specific year and they'll often have the exact information that you need.  All of this is free with your membership.

Another feature of this club is that it has "regions" throughout the world.  Most regions have one or more local clubs that typically hold monthly meetings where people can come and share in further automotive experiences.  In addition most of the regional clubs have local tours and some even hold annual events, or meets, where they invite other vintage car owners to participate.   Once you've attended one of these shindigs that extends over 3 or 4 days, you'll be hooked.  It is a fabulous experience to tour with a large group of vintage cars down some old winding road to a spot that you've never been before.  That's what the hobby is all about - keeping the cars on the road.

Here is the link to the National VCCA's web site.  It has lots of information about upcoming events.

In 2001 the VCCA had 668 different 1931 Chevrolets registered to it's members.  That is probably the vast majority of all of the remaining stock '31s in the world.  It is from this virtual pool of friends that the club continues to serve after being in existence for over 40 years!

As a final comment, we sometimes have recognition for people who have helped new members to join the club.   Recently I received a pin for my efforts and I want to thank everyone who used my membership number as your referral.   It was a good feeling to know that this web site has been instrumental in so many old-Chevy folks getting together.  If you're not a member, seriously consider it.  I'm 99.9% sure that you'll be glad that you joined.  

Online application form is available at:

Please drop me a line if I can help further.   Thanks

------------------  Bill Barker, #9802, Seattle, Washington State, USA

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