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Wind Wings

Axle Seals & Bearings


Leaf Springs


Battery Box

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Fan Belt This belt is too long, but can be used if need be:
836347, V-79, S-2380
Napa (Gates) 5L390

This one is correct but not available:
Napa (Gates)  5L385
(5/8" wide 38.5" long) (e)

Note:  An earlier posting here had 39" as the proper belt length.  While this will work on some cars, the correct length should be 38 1/2 inches.  As far as we know, no manufacturer has this available except as a "ribbed" belt, which is an incorrect style.


Freeze Plugs Requires two 1 inch "convex" freeze plugs (e)
Napa Part Number 219-1008 (.30 each)


Delco 6 volt, Negative-Ground, 13-plate, 90-ampere hour (k)
Specific Gravity The specific gravity of a fully charged battery as indicated by hydrometers should be between 1.275 and 1.300.  The specific gravity of a fully discharged battery will be approximately 1.150.  A reading of all cells at 1.225 or more indicates that the batter is okay.  (j)

Gas Cap

In order that the gasoline will flow properly to the carburetor, there is a small hole in the top of the filler cap on the tank, so that air can enter as the quantity of gasoline in the tank is decreased.  It is essential that this hole be kept open. (j)

Ignition Parts (Distributor)

The following parts are still available from Shucks Auto Stores as of September 2001.  Most are not kept in stock and require a 2 or 3 day advance order.
Niehoff Brand Part Number Price
Cap DR55 $19.95
Coil UN173 $34.79
Contacts DR1H $11.79
Condenser DR22 $2.99
Rotor DR46 $7.99

These parts are listed in one of their reference manuals as fittting most 1929-1940 Chevrolet cars.  Not many stores will take the time to search this information for you.

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