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Body Hardware


Body Identification
Job Numbers
Build Locations
Trim Numbers
Paint Numbers
Serial Numbers
Engine Numbers



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Size Consists of 34 sections of 3/8 inch hexagon copper core.  At additional cost, a truck core may be had with 36 sections of 5/16 inch copper core. #(b)


Exterior All chrome plated #(b)
Interior All nickel plated #(b)


Job No. Cabriolet 31568 #(c)
Coach 31551 #(c)
Coupe-Five Passenger 31572 #(c)
Coupe-Standard 31557 #(c)
Coupe-Five Window 31567 #(c)
Coupe-Sport 31558 #(c)
Sedan-Special 31569 #(c)
Sedan-Standard 31559 #(c)
Sedan Delivery 31570 #(f)
Phaeton-Laudau 31571 #(c)
Body No. AG (8) Atlanta, Georgia; 
B (12) Buffalo, New York; 
F (1) Flint, Michigan; 
J (21) Janesville, Wisconsin; 
K (5) Kansas City, Missouri; 
N (9) Norwood, Ohio; 
O (6) Oakland, California; 
S (3) St. Louis, Missouri and 
T (2) Tarrytown, New York.  
The letter (or letters) designated the factory on the Serial Number Plate on the floor inside of the the car and the number was used to designate the factory on the Fisher Body cowl tag. #(f)
Trim No.
Combination Material Where Used
1 Plush Cushions, Backs, Sides
Cotton Velvet Headlining
2 Cloth Cushions, Backs
Cloth Doors, Sides
Cotton Velvet Headlining
3 Plush Cushions, Backs
Plush Sides
Cotton Velvet Headlining
4 Cloth Cushions, Backs, Sides
Cotton Velvet Headlining
5 Cloth Cushions, Backs
Cloth Side Walls
Cotton Velvet Headlining
6-15 no info no info
Paint No. Paint numbers ran from 62 to 88 #(f)
Paint - General A note for you regarding the gloss vs. dull paint; there actually wasn't any dull (flat black) paint used in 1931, since everything was glossy, including the frame.  From what I was able to find out, flat black had not been invented yet! #(f)
Serial Number ALL serial number plates were located on the passenger
side main sill, next to the seat, under the floor mat on all closed
models.  This included the coach models as well.  Only the open models, i.e. the roadsters and the phaetons had the serial number plates located at the base of the front seat (seat kick up), passenger side.  #(f)
The numerals 1,2,3 etc. before the serial number indicate the plant in which the car was assembled. #(a)
Engine Number On right hand side of cylinder block just back of the fuel pump. #(a)
From 2100285 to 2951552 #(f)


Disc Available for front and rear in primer. #(c) page 201
Wire Available in prime for 4.75x19 tire. #(c) page 202
Wood Limited stock for 1931 Model cars finished in natural wood color and complete with hub, drum and felloe. Front and rear both 4.75x19 #(d) (Insert to 5/31 issue)

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