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Last Updated:  09/07/09

The following references have been invaluable in tracking the information for 1931 Chevrolets.  Some of the information is available for purchase today, some of it is only found at swap meets.   Still, some of it is in the hands of private collectors.  Personally, I have very little reference material, but after many years of storing information on scraps of paper and in separate computer files, I decided to assemble it all in one location -- and to make it available to anyone.  My purpose is purely out of charity.  If you can get some use out of this, then it was worth the effort.  Thanks.
(a) Automotive Electric Association Tune-up Chart
(b) Chevrolet Engineering Features 1931 (9/15/30)
(c) Chevrolet Six Cylinder Master Parts Price List (12/1/35)
(d) Chevrolet Service News (January through December 1931)
(e) Bill Barker's original research
(f) Courtesy of Skip Geear, Eagle Point, Oregon
(g) Chevrolet Service News (December 1930)
(h) Chevrolet Service News (November 1930)
(i) 75 Years of Chevrolet by George Dammann
(j) 1929-32 Chevrolet Repair Manual 1929-31 Supplement page (green color)
(k) 1931 Chevrolet Accessory Catalog
(l) Chevrolet Service News (April 1931)


Please send me your suggestions, or additional data that you feel would be of interest to other 1931 owners.
Thanks.    Bill Barker

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