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Five Passenger Coupe
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Special Sedan
Sport Roadster
Sport Coupe
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Last Updated:  01/31/07

In this section we have photos and drawings of various body styles.  Some of these cars may be pictured with non-authentic parts on them.  I'm presenting them here for general reference and appreciation.   
Five Passenger Coupe (Std and Deluxe) Parade,   AndFriends  BrassMonkeyCold
Landau Phaeton Project car  Tan  
Deluxe or Special Sedan SouthFork   B&W   Canada Can2 Can3 Can4  Adam Sweden Cream C2 C3 C4  Lew's  Florida  Ohio1  Ohio2 Eric1 Eric2 Matt's Mohler1 Mohler2  Zulinke Storaker
blue1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Sport Roadster Snazzy!  B&W
Cabriolet Blue
Coach Blue Walda  Tim1 Tim2 Tim3 
Sport Coupe Palms
Good thru the ages Elvira  for Skipper!!  (10 Hidden Pages!)  
Oops, now 11!!! 
3 Window Coupe Loaded  Jerry Damrau
5 Window Coupe JM1  JM2  JMEngine  Bill's  Calgary  Redman
Phaeton Storaker
1/2 Ton A Worker  Tim  Sweden
Sedan Delivery Bud   JoeI


Australia's 1931 Beauties
Speedster Norway     1932 BoatTail
StoveBolt Six ChevGrey  Bigger  Walda 
Note:  Colors may not be exact.
Factory Originals Drawings of 1931 models


Do you have a photo that you'd like to post here?  Send it to me by email and I'll see what I can do.
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to these people who donated their photos for posting here:
    Joel Roper, Plano, Texas
    Gerard L'Heureux, Quebec, Canada
    Skip Geear, Eagle Point, Oregon
    Tord Karlsson, Sweden
    Ken & Regina Schmillen, Metamora, IL
    Jim & Ellen Shiflet, Humble, Texas
    Lew, Baroda, Michigan
    Jim McCormick, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Darren Fountain, Australia
    Jay Shutt, Florida
    Jerry Dezsofi , Salem, Oregon
    Larry Mohler, Killbuck, Ohio
    Tim Carter, Beech Creek PA
     Eric Spohn, El Segundo, CA
     Matt Mathis, Northern California
     Lars Svedjeborn, Boras, Sweden
    Dave Lien, Vancouver, Wa
    Larry Mohler, Ohio
    Ken Damrau, Louisville, KY
    Peter A. Zulinke, Tallahassee, FL 
    Joe Iaccino, Tucson, AZ
    Jim Redman, CA
    Tim Thompson, TN

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