1931 Chevrolet Wind Wings Parts
   In 1931 and 1932 you could order an accessory that was purported to be useful, but in reality was probably more for show than anything.  These nifty items do cut down on the wind, but most people never miss not having them.  However, if you want to dress-up your car to the max, then you'll need a set! 

There are two types of Wind Wings.....one type for open cars, and another for closed cars, and they are different.  Essentially, the open ones mount horizontally, and the closed ones mount vertically.  Also, in 1932, the closed car Wind Wings were also called "Draft Deflectors".

Included here are some photos of an original set of wings that are in fairly poor condition.  I'm including them, however, to show the exact original size and shape. 
Note the bowtie on the top bracket.

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Thanks to Doug Zeno and Matt Mathis for these photos of the top clip.
Open Car with wind wings - 1932 Touring

Photos by me.