1931 Chevrolet Potter Trunk Latches Accessories
latch56.jpg (59387 bytes)  Finding a Potter Trunk for the 1931/32 Chevrolet is a real coup.  But finding one with the correct latches is tougher still. latch59.jpg (47531 bytes)
latch58.jpg (30598 bytes) Here are various shots of the correct latches that I'm aware of.  I present these under different lighting conditions in case you are looking for details which show up differently.

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

latch75.jpg (62351 bytes)
latch72.jpg (31620 bytes) latch65.jpg (39573 bytes)    latch81.jpg (28175 bytes)  latch80.jpg (39394 bytes)
Note the spring-loaded clasp in left picture..
latch76.jpg (34200 bytes)
latch84.jpg (52049 bytes)
Both Pieces
latch87.jpg (99023 bytes) latch89.jpg (28243 bytes)
Note:  The Potter Trunk was not a genuine Chevrolet accessory for 1931 since the trunk didn't come out until 1932.  It is actually a retro-fit for 1931.

Photos by Bill Barker