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Last Updated:  11/20/04

New Features in the 1931 Models(b)

Factory Drawings Ink sketches of different body styles
Frame Longer Wheelbase
More rigid Frame
Heavier Side rails
Stronger front cross member
Stiffer rear engine supports
More rigid one-piece rear cross member
Body brackets added
Step hander tie bar and fender well brace added
Exhaust System Improved welding of muffler
Two-point, resilient mounting of muffler and pipes
Spring Shackles Larger diameter shackle bolts and cold pressed side bars
Secure shackle bolt nut lock
Front Axle Stronger I beam
Improved King pin lock
Stronger steering arms
Improved brake centralizer lock
Rear Axle Improved rear spring seats
Engine Smoother operation
More rigid crankcase and cylinder block
Rigid, cast clutch housing
Stiffer crankshaft
Broached type harmonic balancer
Steel ring gear on flywheel
More gasket clamping space between exhaust valves
Cooler spark plugs
Rubber boot on accelerating pump
Stiffer rocker cover
One-piece rocker cover gasket
Increased piston ring pressure
One-piece upset push rods
Reduced forward water pump thrust
Variable pitch valve springs
Improved air cleaner combined with flame arrester
Improved crankcase ventilator and oil filler
Clutch Ball bearing pilot
Pivot mounted fork
Improved pedal mounting
Increased accessibility for inspection and lubrication
Molded facings.  Pressure plate machined and polished under pressure.  Flywheel face polished.
Transmission Improved external mounting
Second speed gears of nickel-molybdenum steel carburized
Free gear shift
Steering Mechanism Worm and sector type steering gear
Greater reduction ration
Roller bearing mounted worm
Improved adjustment
Rubber mast jacket bushing
Three-spoke, rubber steering wheel
Wheels Wire wheels standard equipment
and still more to come... when I get time.


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