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Trivia:  Phillips Head screws were first used in American production on the 1936 Cadillac.

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Welcome to the wonderful year of 1931. 
This was the year of a very distinctive Chevrolet.  It was a year of many changes.  Also, it was the end of an era.

In the following pages I'll list as much information as I can gather about this automobile.  1931 owners are held together by a strong bond because this year of Chevrolet automobiles was quite different from 1930 and 1932.  Only a few parts are interchangeable between these years of cars.

1931 was the third year that Chevrolet offered the new 6 cylinder engine as standard equipment.  This was also the final year that Chevrolet out-sold Ford by kicking their little 4 cylinder butts..... alas, it was to be short lived when Ford introduced their 8 cylinder flat head in 1932.  As most people know, among the fans of the early V8 Fords was Bonnie and Clyde.

But the year before that, Chevrolet was still king.  And that's where this story begins....


May 2009:  Give a cheer to Randy Schaub.  He has taken us into uncharted territory!  See the "How to Install Genuine Accessories" filmstrip HERE.
February 2009:   Front end alignment instructions.   HERE.  (and some additional Ads posted -- see below)
January 2009:   New page showing how to repair the window regulator.  HERE
Also, you might be interested in the new LED tail lights for 1931 Chevrolets.  HERE

Did you ever visit my 1932 site?

OCTOBER:   See Sid Carey's 30 part article about his beginning-to-end restoration project. 
The link is located below next to RESTORATION PROJECT.
NOVEMBER:  How to polish stainless steel and aluminum.  See Richard's article under STAINLESS.
Check out the new Decals and Speedometer cable lengths pages.  See below.
---Bill Barker
1931 Chevrolet Reference Library
 Page 1
Carburetor, Ignition, Valves, Fluids, Gauges, Wipers
Fuel Filter
Specifications P2 Radiator, Body Hardware, Body Identification, Wheels
Specifications P3 Accessories, Axle Seals & Bearings, Transmission, Leaf Springs, Battery Box
Specifications P4 Fan Belt, Freeze Plugs, Battery, Gas Cap, Ignition Parts
Specification P5 6 Volt Light Bulbs
Specification P6 Cowl Tags, Floor Tags
Specification P7 Engine Tune up -Timing and Dwell (lots of diagrams)
Specification P8 Carburetor cut-away diagrams
Specification P9 Fan Blades (1929-36)
Specification P 10 Speedometer Cable Lengths (1925-33)
Advertising Chevrolet ads from 1931 
Accessory Photos Original Booklet - 6 pages
Accessories P1 Viking Radiator Mascot (8 photos)
Accessories P2 Heaters, Trunk Rack, Mileage meter, Ash Tray 
Accessories P3 Eagle Radiator Mascot
Accessories P4 Potter Trunk Latches (12 photos)
Accessories P5 Heater Switch with Resistor (8 photos)
Accessories P6 Side Mounts, Brackets and Pads 
Accessories P7 Carburetors
Accessories P8 Dash Clock - Sterling electric
Accessories P9 Wind Wings
Accessories P10 Hot Water Heater Hoses
Accessories P11 Trico Mirror for sidemounts
Accessories P12 Rumble Seat latch and lid-stop cloth covering
AccessoriesP13 Brakes --okay, so they're not really an accessory!! :-)
Accessories P14 Landau Window Regulators and How to Repair them
Accessories P15 Jacks, Handle and Tools
Accessories P16 Upholstery (oh my gosh, what the heck did I get myself into?)
Accessories P17 Kane Carburetor
  Decals Dashboard
Wiring Diagrams Ignition Switch Wiring
Headlight Switch Wiring
1931Car Wiring Harness
1931 Dashboard and Engine
Other Diagrams Firewall Holes
Drawings Factory originals for most bodies including short description of improvements.
Factory Equipment and Accessories Listed by model of car
Filmstrips Original black and white advertising filmstrip
 History It happened in 1931.

New Features

For all 1931 Models


Covers of various Owners Manuals & Sales Brochures
Paint Color Specifications
Engine and Parts Colors
Combinations 62-73
Combinations 74-89
Replacement Colors to Match Originals 
Color Chips - Original


Of many 1931 Body Styles
Production Number of cars & trucks built, cost and weight by model.   Engine information 
Wood Sal's Five Window Coupe
Factory Jig This is cool !!!

Factory Diagrams - Coupe   Top-Bows   Sedan

Remember Stories submitted about '30s Chevrolets.
   Restoration Project A series of 30 articles and photographs of Sid Carey's restoration project
Added October 26, 2008           Nov 9th
  LED Tail lights Safety for non-purists
 Window Regulator Repair How to use a 1929-30 kit to repair a 1931 regulator
Front End Alignment Photos and instructions.
 Stainless Steel How to polish stainless and aluminum by Richard Widman.
Torque Settings Some of the most common settings that you should use when rebuilding your '31.
Nuts and Bolts Grade 5 Bolt specifications
Troubleshooting  Tips on common problems or questions.
   Video New for 1932.  Includes '31 photos
PARTS Our favorite Vintage Chev parts suppliers

 Now Available via The Barkerville Mall
and Amazon

A Pictorial History of Chevrolet Using Original GM Photos
More Chev Info

1)  Puget Sound Region of the VCCA

2) National Vintage Chevrolet Club of America



Fact 1:  "Ten thousand gallons of air are consumed for every gallon of fuel used by the 1931 engine." (j)
Fact 2:  Among the worldwide membership of The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America in 2001, there are 668 1931 Chevrolets registered.  For more information click here.
Fact 3:  The 1931 models were Officially introduced Saturday, November 15, 1930. That was the first day that dealers were authorized to show the new models to the public. Most showed the new models to their best customers prior to that date. NOTE:  Some models weren't available until later in the year - eg. Landau Phaeton.
Fact 4:  The low speed jet adjustment regulates gasoline to the motor at idle engine speed and up to approximately 18 miles per hour. (j) 
Fact 5:  The maximum fuel economy is obtained at approximately 20 MPH.  Minimum is at wide-open throttle. (j) 


Please send me your suggestions, or additional data that you feel would be of interest to other 1931 owners.
Thanks.    Bill Barker
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